Why we are here

We are here to help our clients succeed in new and challenging disciplines that we love and deliver over and over.
We combine the best aspects from the industries we’ve worked in and challenge our clients strategic ambitions and accelerate the success.

Who we are

Lars Schou Øhrberg
Lars Schou ØhrbergFounder & Consulting Director
The company’s trademark “Get busy getting better” is a reflection of Lars’ relentless drive to improve how we do business and deliver services to customers.
Lars curious nature is what drives him. He dares to ask the Why’s…
and also the Why not’s…
Combining busines acumen with technical affinity Lars helps customers make the leap to the next level…
Ole Thomas Elsborg Aarebrot
Ole Thomas Elsborg AarebrotConsulting Director
Ole Thomas is all about operation excellence.
Whether its scaling operations, team management, organizational leadership, product development, digitalization, compliance, negotiations, business alignment, business development, training, onboarding, offboarding, establishing KPIs and workforce development plans, Ole Thomas is very valuable resource.

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