Strength by Diversity

Fresh perspectives

Helping new clients equipped with curious eyes of an outsider, instinctively triggers all sorts of questions in our minds. Is this a process everyone follows? How can the product be tracked all the way to the consumer? Is there a formalised stage-gate model for the project office? Etc.

ServiceCapital always offers an opportunity to share observations with our clients regardless whether we can do business or not. In this way our clients always gain from the time spent exploring opportunities together.

We share with care

When you engage with ServiceCapital, you benefit from insights from other industries ServiceCapital and its founder provided services for since 1995.

If ServiceCapital does not have insight within your industry, let’s establish whether there is have insights for your industry.

Actionable insight

Stepping from one industry into another makes cross-fertilizing insight very actionable surprisingly often. The reason we believe is rather simple: What is core competitive aspects of business in one industry, may be alien concept in another.

Taking these processes, skills and frameworks across industries matures organisations extremely fast… Simply by skipping the intermediate evolutionary steps, and fast-forward to the desired maturity avoiding.

Latest industry insights

With the two latest clients Norwegian and Circle K Europe, ServiceCapital has since incorporated in Norway added the Aviation and Retail industries as its latest additions.

Thanks fly out to the two latest clients Norwegian and Circle K Europe.

Insight by Industry

This graph illustrates the relative industry expertise of ServiceCapital and its founder gained since 1995.

Examples of insights gained


Have to handle high degrees of complexity and regulatory challenges in real time at diminishing margins, while opening up their systems to third-party players…

Must excel in

Developing products as flexible as possible through product parametrization (Interest rates, replacement of instruments etc.) while ensuring systems support end-to-end and remaining in compliance.


Squeezed between increasing consumer demand and falling prices with ceilings set by the European Commission...

Must excel in

Developing products, services and content with creative meterable billing parameters (Solidaric billing, carrier interconnect kickbacks) while able to excel in billing and operational cost leadership.


Faced with shifting political agendas and increased service demands and access to records...

Must excel in

Restructuring both organisational functions and processes (to provide new services or existing services in new ways) while making the most of the existing IT infrastructure and working transparently.


Faced with increasingly fierce competition and home market targeted by far east incumbents leveraging labour arbitrage

Must excel in

Coming up with new ways to generate customer value-add and increase switching cost through means like supply chain integrations, fulfilling customer obligations towards the consumer or pursue a forward integration strategy.

Professional Services

As the volume and complexity of information increases and becomes increasingly publicly available for clients..

Must excel in

Rendering increasingly complex services more proficiently, mastering multifaceted delivery through heterogenous teams working seamlessly together.

Medical Devices

As the Internet-of-Things (IoT) prevail invade our lives, the combination of speed and infinite design choices has paralytic effects...

Must excel in

Product innovation identifying and maximising monetisation on early technological convergence to pay for associated risks and the regulatory lobbyism to see it paving the way for competitors. Staying compliant and ahead of the curve is paramount.

Civil Aviation

Facing increased environmental fees, growing resistance against flying, and having to deal with the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic…

Must excel in

Providing added value services across all customer segments within ground- and flight operations, while striving for operational excellence within fleet, network and technical operations with electronic tech logs etc.


Battling convenience driven on-line first consumer attitude, relabels this industry e-tail transaction, effectively abandoning store slotting fees and dealing with e-commerce platform vendors that get better insights deal than the industry players…

Must excel in

Securing innovative ways to reduce the capture customer acquisition by proficiently attracting, retaining and maximising the customer life value, while harvesting consumer data throughout the entire customer journey. This data crucially informs pertinent strategic decisions.


Facing increasingly shorter life-cycles of smarter, more connected and ecosystem embedded products, where the small intelligent product augmentation shifts the consumer needs..

Must excel in

Building intelligent production lines, supply chain networks, and pair that with intelligent products that take increasing control of the consumers, their data and behavior to inform future decisions with rich predictive and prescriptive analytics. A tip of the emerging Industry 4.0 iceberg.


Even organisations with high legitimacy status, promoting causes in a society bombarded with messages cluttering communication from official through social channels…

Must excel in

Orchestrating clever consistent content omnichannel strategies to profoundly build and establish the audience relationships, required to trigger the desired audience reactions securing the desirable political impact being promited.

Example client insights for ServiceCapital and its founder